Splaying or Neutering Pets……

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Three Ordinary Problems With Water In Your Fish Tanks

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How To Select Right Cage For Your Bird

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Protecting Your Home Felines !!!

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Happy and Healthy Dogs

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Basics of Taking Care of Cats……

Before adopting a cat one must be aware that there is a big commitment to come ahead. Cats just don’t mean that they can walk in and out of your house any time. Cats require very tender and delicate care and if your cat grows into the habit of strolling outdoors way too much, then you have to take necessary precautions. It is good to understand whether your life is stable enough to make the necessary arrangement for bringing in a cat. Responsible pet ownership is a must and you should tread on this extremely carefully
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Aquarium Fishes

In Feng Shui having fishes in aquariums, in particular areas of your home are very healthy. It brings more chances of prosperity flow, health and peace at your place. You would of course like to know the ideal positions that you would like to place your fishes, for specific reasons. But this ancient geomancy science has spurred the desire to keep lots of pet fish and a concern among pet fish owners. Everyone likes to see their pet fishes healthy and it is no different in case of pet fishes.
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Recognize Your Dog’s Sounds

If you hear that your dog is sobbing quietly then, it means it has got hurted or scared. Uasually, you can hear this sound, if your dog is suffering from a pain, particularly when it is on the check. Sometimes, you may hear it when the dog is frightened, such as, if you are amenable and regimented dog is feeling lonely in a odd place, it will begin to sobbing, trying to tell you that it is frightened and feeling like left alone.  That sound could be somewhat similar to the mewing sound, what puppies make if they are hungry, anxious or feeling cold.
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The Best Gift for Your Beloved Feline !!!

Shower your beautiful and pampered felines at home with the welcoming and assuring gift of safe microchip cat flaps. These make the best deals in the market in pet care goodies that are meant to keep your cats secured at home. They are effective in warding off neighborhood bully tom cats and especially necessary if your cat has not been neutered by the mating season. Is there any hassle of controlling invading neighborhood cats coming in through your current cat flap and taking control over your beloved pet’s food and possessions?
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Common Pet Medication for Cats

In many ways, a cat is perfect for any home. Like any domesticated creature, owning a cat can be a lot of work. However, most people regard their cats as esteemed members of the family and hence when it comes to vet care they will do anything possible to keep their 4-legged friends happy and healthy too.

For the cat owners, there are several chronic illnesses that arise with age. Similar to human, ailments such as heart and kidney disease, asthma and diabetes often need medication to ease the symptoms and improve the quality of life of a cat. If you want to learn more on common pet conditions and medications for cat, keep Continue reading

Everything you need to know about Dog Insurance

With more than 78.2 million dogs owned by families in United States, around 39 percent of US households own a dog. It’s pretty clear that Americans love their furry friends, which bring them love, companionship, playfulness, and security to their homes. Dogs are considered as one of their family members and with relationship comes a responsibility which every pet owner should shoulder. The responsibility to ensure the health of your dog, responsibility to provide proper veterinary care which includes routine checkup or emergency care as well as the responsibility to ensure the overall well-being of your dog. This is where Dog Insurance comes into picture. Continue reading

Important things to know about Cat Insurance

With its soft body and sweet face, the cat is one of the most popular pets among many people. If you have a cat as your pet, you would know how good it is to have it as your family member. When it is a family member, insuring the cat is your responsibility, rather your duty. If you are searching for a place where to get cat insurance, you can find many providers online. Out of the many online providers, cat insurance from Petsathome.com has some beneficial insurance policies for your cat. But before you sign up with any insurance company, there are certain things that you Continue reading

Natural Remedies for Felines Afflicted with Cancer

Our pets are members of our families so when your cat is diagnosed with cancer, it can be truly heart-wrenching and upsetting.  However, instead of letting fear or sadness overwhelm you, it’s important to take action and do everything you can to improve your cat’s odds of overcoming and surviving the disease.  This involves working with your veterinarian to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will provide organ and immune support while fighting against cancerous cells and reducing the pain and suffering associated with cat cancer symptoms and treatment side effects. Continue reading

Making it Better for Our Varied Pets

Pet vaccines and routine check ups are really important for all our animal companions and friends. Birds, fishes, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, gerbils and rats have to have very unique and special kind of veterinary attention in comparison to our canine pets. Choosing the right pet is really very important and comes as a first step in your handling of pets. It is important to choose your pet according to the understanding of their space needs and your own home space availability. There has to be important nutritional considerations as well as training tips that you have to bear Continue reading

Pet Insurance

Britain is a nation that truly loves and appreciates animals, so much so that they become like a part of the family. To love and care for a pet is to look after them always, sometimes though, animals can get illnesses without warning and trips to the vet can soon become expensive and pets such as dogs, can suffer from long term illness such as diabetes and arthritis. When it comes to pet insurance, compare different policies, to find the one that suits the pet’s individual needs.

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