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Top7 foods – Never give to your dog

Well, there are many dog lovers who love giving various foods to their dog such as chocolates, cakes, sugar products and many others. But they do not exactly know which food they should give and which they don’t. There are plenty of foods that you should never try to give your dog and because of unnecessary foods your dog fall sick. To avoid this following given are the lists of foods that you should not give to your dog as these foods are not good for them.

1. Raisins and Grapes
Raisins and grapes as they look little and fun for giving your dog to eat, they may cause serious kidney failure to your dog, grapes are sweet to eat but as they roll around, your dog cannot chew them and sometime your dog will swallow them directly and they can be very deadly.

2. Onions

Onions should never be given to your dogs as they smell horrible after eating and it is bad for dog’s digestive system especially if they are given in large quantities.

3. Bones

Bones eating are the dog’s favorite food many dogs love eating bones for a longer time and bury them in the stomach. When you give the bone to your dog they keep them chewing and chewing, after that they swallow all the chewed bones directly in the stomach. As the bone is like a particle it gets stuck in the dog’s intestine and may damage its intestine. Because of such reasons bones should never be given to your dog.

4. Chocolates

Many dog’s owner give several chocolates to their dog, they are not good when given in excess. The chocolates are very poisonous to the dogs, therefore never try to give them to your dog, white chocolates are less harmful and besides that baking chocolates are worst for them.

5. Sugar products

Well, many people like to eat sugar products and stuffs like that they also give this to their dog to eat. Since, sugar and process foods contain lot of fats and dog cannot digest them properly and because of such reasons try to give nutrition foods to your dog.

6. Spicy foods

Giving spicy foods to your dog can harm and damage their stomach. As, artificial foods and artificial sweetness are unsafe for the dog’s health the same way giving too much spicy food to dog can harm to its intestine, since they do not require any seasonable foods they are quite good with the cooked foods.

7. Wasted food

Many people having the habit of giving the wasted food to their dog. The food that is remained overnight is not good for your dog’s health. Instead of throwing the food outside many dog owners give this overnight waste food to their dog, believing that the dog will easily eat it. However, this is not true the overnight food get some sort of fungus on it and when you give this food to your dog you are putting your dog’s health at risk.

These important tips will help you understand what food you can give to your dog. Since, there are different nutrition foods that can be very good for your dog’s health. Just make sure you do not give the above listed foods to your dog.